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Kuze at the Art Source!

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Hey everyone!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

As you may know, every year I was taking part in the Art Source Fair. This time I won't be there directly. Nevertheless, my selected work will be represented by the Doorway Gallery, so you will be able to find some of my colourful paintings at the Doorway Gallery stand. Yeyyy, mini colourful Kuze's world will be part of this amazing art fair once again, yet in a different format.

And if by any chance you will recognise me please say hi, as I am planning to come over to the art fair to meet all my artist's friends and see their new collections.

Meanwhile, my new collection of paintings are slowly coming to the physical The Doorway gallery which is located in the heart of the Dublin's city centre, you are always welcome to pop in there to see my new work in real life.

The Doorway Gallery is also offering Free tickets to the event, so please get in touch with them if you are planning to come and haven't got tickets just yet. They will be happy to help!

So maybe see you at the Art Source!

Many best wishes,

Ausrine Kuze


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