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Kuze - international artist :)

Hey everyone!

Here I am, with all the news and updates all in one go. It just happens that I create content for my Instagram and Facebook and often forget that some of you might not be on those platforms.

So I would like to share with you about what is happening at the moment and other upcoming events...

Sorry for mentioning Christmas so early but if you will be looking for some mini painting as a present for yourself or those you love. You will be able to find it in the Doorway Gallery from 1st. of December. At the moment I am making a collection of mini paintings, size 20x25cm on deep edge canvas, and they all will be available on the Doorway gallery website. Or maybe you will like something from earlier mini Christmas collection?

Sharing a few photos of what is available at The Doorway Gallery from 2019 Christmas collection.

In coming weeks I will be sharing some more photos of the paintings of various sizes, as at the moment I am working on fair few of them.

Exciting news are few. The first one is that I was invited to participate in the exhibition called "Art degustations". It took part in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius at the beautiful gallery "AP Gallery". Paintings were shown from 2019 "tribal" collection, and it was a joy to know and hear great feedback from my native Lithuanians. It was my first exhibition in Lithuania, and for this I am deeply thankful to the art curator Vilma Jankiene.

If you are in Vilnius, there is still a possibility to visit the "AP Gallery" and view my work.

Some memories from the event.

In the first photo, you can see art curator Vilma presenting my work to the audience.

And in the next photo is my mom, she was so happy to be able to visit this beautiful gallery and see my work in real life. Usually, she is following me online. I must say she is the best kind of follower :)

And the very last news is a group exhibition which is happening now in Germany, Rostock. I was invited by Mathias Goldberg to participate in the show "As you like it". It is happening in the "Goldwerk Galerie" and will be up till the 21st of November. Art historian Oliver Meline (Paris) opened the exhibition and gave a speech about each of the artists work. Looks like I will not make it to the show, because of COVID restrictions. Still, I am enjoying all the photos, and lovely feedback's from people on social media.

So, if you are somewhere there near Rostock, pop in to see the show. I bet you will like it "As you like it"! :)

Here Oliver Meline is presenting my work to the audience.

Looks like these COVID times brought some new, great international connections. People turn to look for art, they want to fill their walls with colours and share as much beauty as they can. I am so sooo thankful to all of you who I met and keep meeting on the way, may we share the best possible moments and enjoy every second of it.

Stay healthy, and let's keep in touch at least virtually.

Best wishes to all from Kuze land.


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