• Ausrine Kuze

How and where you can purchase Kuze's art?

Updated: Mar 21

Hey all old and new friends, colleagues, collectors and in some cases all in one. Hope you are enjoying these beautiful days filled with sunshine and good company.

As we are slowly getting back to normal (whatever that means these days) most of the galleries are opening for the public. So I wanted to hop in here and share few links where you could purchase my work or even see it physically. I would always recommend visiting an actual gallery as a photo can never replace/translate an original artwork. So if you are in Dublin, or Lithuania or Germany grab your best buddy and go to experience Kuze's colourful world in person.

As I live in Ireland, most of my work I have in "The Doorway Gallery" which is based in the heart of Dublin's city centre. There you can find a wide range of my paintings, they are available online and in the actual gallery. If you haven't picked anything yet, new ones are added every month or two, so keep an eye on it :) And if you can not decide between the two, Denise and Deirdre are extremely helpful and for sure will be happy to assist.

These are just few examples what you can find at the Doorway Gallery. There you will be able to see new collection of my work.

There are also wide range limited edition prints available on The Doorway Gallery website.

If you are looking for something small and would like to buy it online, visit my Shop in Ireland store, there you will find small size paintings and aquarelle, polychrome pencil drawings. And for future reference, this store will be always dedicated to small affordable creations.

Some of my paintings travelled to Germany, Rostock town, to the "Goldwerk Galerie" . So if you are nearby feel free to pop into the gallery and see all the artwork in its real glory :)

If you can't visit the gallery but would like to see the work, please contact Mathias directly and he gladly will give you all the needed information.

There is also a possibility to buy some of the paintings and limited edition prints through my website, feel free to email me if you have any questions or requests. I will be happy to help! :)

So that is all for now, I hope I made it all way more accessible and maybe you will find something you love from Kuze's colourful world.

Many best wishes,

Ausrine Kuze