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New paintings

Hi all,

Many best wishes to you all! Hope you are enjoying your time and catching all the sunny days :)

I am painting away some usual and unusual work which is coming soon, here you will see some of the new ones.

They are all available through The Doorway Gallery website.

This is me in our garden, posing for you with a few of these newbies, do you like them?

"Insomnia" 30x30cm, acrylic on canvas.

The thing that happens to all of us. Sleepless nights with reason or no reason at all, it is still insomnia.

"Three intelligent beasts and a fly" 60x60cm, acrylic on canvas.

About something or someone so powerful that it changes you from within, about friends and companions, and a fly... The one which always likes to sit on your food uninvited and say bzzzzzzz....

"Somebody to talk to" 35x25cm, acrylic on canvas.

Here is my wish, that you always will have someone to talk to! It feels great, it is important, and after all we are all connected, so lets stay that way :)

If you have any questions you are welcome to drop me a line or contact The Doorway gallery.

So that is it for now. Going back to my brushes and see you in a couple of weeks!

Have a great days and nights my friends, colleges and collectors. You are da best!


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