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Tiny Loventines

Hey everyone!

Here it comes my tiny Loventines for your Valentines, friends or simply for yourself!

These tiny drawings are the best gift for those who do not have too much space on their walls, or would like to give something arty, cute and quirky.

My 2021 started with buckets of creativity, I have been working on a new collection of the paintings which I hope to share with you in coming months. Meanwhile I have remembered about these tiny drawings that I used to do every year. They were gone super quick, aaaaand because you love them so much I also made good few this year.

They are all original drawings ,size A6, polychromos pencils, pens, on Fabriano paper. Price of each 65 Eur (free shipping)

Available through Shop in Ireland website.

All together Tiny Loventines"

1. "Strawberry love"

2. "Pinkish muse"

3. "Cool cow"


4. "Say nothing to nobody"

No there are no grammar mistakes :)))


5. "Love in the cup"


6. "Confident and frogish"

7. "Caught up in love"

8. Elephantfly

9. I am your Valentine.

10. Mademoiselle

10. Seduced by love

More of my creative journey you can follow on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

That is all for this time, I now will change pencils into the brushes and paints, as my unfinished paintings are calling me.

Best wishes,



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