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Happy New Year!

So here it is, the end of 2022.

Personally to me, it was a year of growth, personal and professional. To sum up all the activities: Art residency in Kaunas, new art collections made, meeting friends, and collectors, travelling, participating in art fairs inside and outside of Ireland, joining a Lithuanian gallery, donating my art to charities... Overall, I see it as a good, productive year. Hopefully, next year will be the same good or even better.

I am grateful to everybody for being part of my colourful journey, either having you as a friend, a colleague or an art collector... It might sound cheesy saying it all the time, but it is true, if there would be no you there would be no Art by Kuze. You all are part of it, sometimes even directly crawling into my paintings as reflections of my own experiences.

Let's see what 2023 will bring us!

I wish you a happy New Year! May we all be happy, healthy and live long! May we create something great, connect with each other and share the best of the best!

Ausrine Kuze


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