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Kuze's art in Amsterdam


Long time no see :)

But while I was quiet on my blog, the art world was spinning at full capacity. Hopefully, you will manage to catch up with all that's happening... Just so you know, I invite you everywhere, please come to see my crazy colours!

It will be my very first ever exhibition in this land of tall people. How incredible that my art is coming to a place that I have never even been myself. Very happy and thankful to The Doorway Gallery gallery which will be representing my new collection at the Amsterdam Art fair. It will happen already next month, 26-30th of October. Book the date if you do not want to miss it.

After an extremely successful show last year, my art is returning to the Art Source once again. This is the biggest art event in Dublin and it can not be missed. My original paintings you will find as usual, at The Doorway Gallery's stand. The art fair is a great place to discover new artists, see new collections or visit your favourites. Please contact the doorway gallery for the tickets, they will inform you how and when you can get them.

Dublin. Christmas show. December.

Christmas is still far away, but I wanted to leave a quick reminder for those of you who will be looking for small-sized, affordable paintings. These will be available at the Doorway Gallery all December.

And finally, I would like to invite you to see my new collection that is now added to my website. Soon it will be available to be purchased at the Doorway gallery and at upcoming art fairs that I have mentioned previously. If you wish to reserve an artwork you can contact me or The Doorway Gallery, we will be happy to help.

Any questions? drop me a line :)

Many best wishes from my colourful studio,

Ausrine Kuze


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