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Project "Impossible possible"

A guess this project came up to my mind in a very natural way, simply from a wish to connect with people from all over the world. As we now can not meet each other, nor travel or hug, yet we still can tell stories to each other, laugh together, have fun through sharing life experiences, even those which were totally crazy. Those I would love to hear the most. This project will be relevant even when we will be able to meet and mingle. As it is all about connecting, sharing, creating, and after all having a bit of fun.

So how, when, what is the "Impossible possible" project?

*Share with me your funniest, craziest, weirdest, embarrassing, strange ( but not sad) life event that happened to you.

*It is a project where I will be including your story in my paintings, drawings, or sketches.

*shared stories will appear either separately or a few in one painting.

*The outcome is unknown so please no expectations.

*When I will finish an artwork where your story is included I will tag you on my social media with a story besides.

*Let me know if you wish that your story or you (or both) will be anonymous. In this case, all you need to do is to email me your story or send PM through my Facebook art page or Instagram.

*All stories are welcome to include any photos relevant to the story. This can be done through my email.

*it can be as detailed as you wish, the more details the better (you know my art is crazy busy)

*All artwork will be available to purchase, but if your story is included in the painting you get a priority. If there are many stories in one painting it's first come first get basis.

*it is a long-term project so you can join any time, any day.

I am so excited to invite you to join this project. This will be fun! Also, a bit challenging for me, as I will have to express myself through your story instead of telling my own stories all the time.

There is no obligation to buy anything. Let's simply connect through incredible "Impossibly possible" life experiences and art!

Many best wishes,



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