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Happy Christmas and New Year to all of you!

This is my very big, fat, delicious, puffy fluffy, spiky, curly, soft and warm but loud THANK YOU! Thank you all for supporting me, my busy head, my crazy quirky creations, for believing in my art, following, buying, liking, commenting, for being my friend and all other things!

2019 was year of changes, these changes worked out for better to all who were touched by it. Style of my art shifted too, so am I.

2019 I gave myself permission to paint more freely and it was extremely pleasant experience. I will continue to feel free in 2020, and here I can't really tell what coming year will bring, but few big things are lined up already.

.... all the events I am attending or people I meet, all conversations, emotional experiences, dreams and even little miracles... I shall put it all on canvas, so you could see me inside out.

I know I will keep some things to myself as I always do, but one day I will be able to paint it out too, when I will feel totally free.

I wish you all unforgettable, brave 2020, may it will be full of growth, happiness, meaningful time with friends, endless creativity and inspirations whenever you go :)

Kuze and her magic brush wishing you happy 2020

I love you guys and wishing best of the best, we shall meet soon!

Yours, Kuze :)


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