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Quality time surrounded by art

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Hey everyone :)

I know I am writing blogs not so often but if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook for sure you get to know and see a little bit about me and my art. On my social media I am trying to post my artistic development nearly every day, this way even during these quarantine times I can connect with many of you.

These are truly interesting times... I do self quarantine myself time to time anyways, staying inside for days, sketching, drawing, painting, I am sure many artists can relate to this... But now it is different as we don't get to meet friends, family members, colleges... Well, for sure after this is over we all will be so much closer, we will appreciate things we haven't before.

I think every situation is teaching us something important. I wish that we all will learn something useful and use this time in a best possible way.

Now, big BIG BIG THANKS to those of you who during these difficult times bought, buying or planing to buy my art. It helps me to keep going not just from financial side but also it boosts my confidence and creativity. I just wanted you to know that you are not just one of the customers, but you are the one who makes a big change in Kuze's world. :)

Me, chair, painting.

Stay safe and take care.

Big hugs from Kuze land :)


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