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House event. After thoughts...

Ones again big Thank you to all who came to the House event to see me and my new creations, thank you for all those chocolates and chats, for all the purchases and for beautiful and inspiring feedback! I can keep doing what I do just because I have people who like and support my work. I am thankful from the top of my toes till the top of a moon! (when its not full one) And its not just some sweet words, it is truth, and... Did I say Thank you? :))

I am not sure how many of you knows what kind of change most of us are facing during these art fairs... Its like day and night.

Usually I am the only person in my home studio for days, listening some music, time to time dancing or talking to myself, even laughing at my own jokes, listening some podcasts, and when I fell that I am going to become a snowman or cavecow then I stick my head out to meet few friends, maybe to travel a bit, or simple pay visit to some gallery. Then art fairs come.... and suddenly you are thrown from your comfort zone, with buzzing crowd around you where hundreds of people asking "whats in your head? how long did it take to make this one?..."

Usually I would never be completely happy with any of my paintings. Every painting would be a journey packed with all possible emotions, from happy ones to some weird ones (and opposite)... Now and then I would just hide those paintings which are the most crazy looking, till the next time when I can look at it again... And then all you guys come and shower me with this beautiful feedback, telling how great my art is and how different, and and and... you all smile or even laugh, and I just get so overwhelmed and inspired! It gets way easier to handle all the challenge of the big crowd as it is usually the greatest thing ever. And that is where new, interesting and greatest connections start.

Out of your comfort zone - is the place where all the exciting things are happening!

Instead of calling myself bit crazy or socially awkward I shall call myself authentic. Which sounds way better isn't :)


I have uploaded my website with few of my newest paintings, more is coming soon. Some of my pieces are also available to view at The Doorway gallery which is located in the 24 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2 D02 XP30

Wish you all very joyful and productive week!

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