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Art Source. Memories

Big thanks to all who came to RDS Art Source to see, to buy or simply to enjoy Kuze's art and company. I am thankful to all who stopped for a chat or brought me so needed coffee, saved me from hunger and exchanged warm hugs . It was yet another amazing busy time spent in the Art Source among many other talented artists, new and old customers. I have to say, I am so inspired from all of you! Those amazed, smiling faces, priceless reactions and appreciations left unforgettable warm feeling in my mind.

Setting up

Stand ready to go :)

My latest new mini creatures got loads of attention and almost all were sold out during and after the exhibition. It was so much fun to paint them, happy happy me.... :))))

Big big (I mean huuuuuugeeee) Thank You for those three amazing men who helped with transportation, building up all stand, for visual advices, emotional support and for dismantling phase. Guys, you are simply the best!

The Coat

And if you are still wondering what is in my head, I can tell you... It is busy there, very colourful, time to time bit crazy, good crazy... I paint it out... I share it in my own weird, quirky, funny way so that you could see it all, well maybe not all but a lot of it... And I never know what is coming next, (hopefully nothing shocking) so watch Kuze's space, and lets enjoy this creative process together :)

If you are interested in any of my work drop me a line or visit The Doorway Gallery.

For the moment I am preparing for the group Christmas exhibition in The Doorway Gallery which will be happening from 1st of December. There you will be able to see small size paintings I have created just recently. More news are coming soon ;)

25x20cm Acrylic on canvas, available at The Doorway Gallery

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