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Battersea London! Affordable Art Fair!

Hey everyone!

These days I am painting like a madwoman (on another hand it is what I do anyway)! I was invited by The Doorway Gallery to exhibit my work at the "Battersea London", a huge Affordable Art Fair in London. It is happening already next month, 10-13th of March !!! If you are around London during those days, you are welcome to see the show, I am sure you will find plenty of great art to look at.

Oh, and I wanted to say huge thanks to all new and old collectors that bought my art! Half of my paintings from the new collection is sold out! Yaay! You can be sure, I am doing a happy dance after each sale:)

It proves that you guys like crazy, quirky, colourful art! Me is very happy about it :) Hold on to your chairs ladies and gentleman, more bizarre stuff is coming soon!

Forbidden fruits, 70x100cm, acrylics on canvas. From the 2022 collection.

You know, sometimes I draw in my sketchbook some unexplainable creatures, random (or not) things, shapes, plants. Then, when I start painting, I begin combining all those seemingly unrelatable things, but in the end, all of it comes together and makes a whole painting. I know that the magic happens when you do things... So even if I feel like there is not much sense, or I can not see the final result (which is most of the time), I keep going as afterwards, there is always a finished piece of art in front of me. They say one step at a time.

I have to admit, sometimes the phase of "staring at the blank canvas" takes me way too long... Am I afraid to start painting? Do I procrastinate? Am I planning my composition in my mind? Maybe all of it, maybe non of it. Yet, all you need is to start!

So with this note I shall depart to my studio.

My many best, colourful wishes to all of you!

Ausrine Kuze


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