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To all Kuze's fans :)

First of all I would like to thank to all of you who came to visit my stand at the Art source. It was the best show I have ever had! I am so thankful for all your kind and supportive words, coffees and snacks which kept me going through all those busy, chatty hours!

Kuze's stand :) Thanks Tony for great shot

After the show I usually go back to my "cave" where I continue creating. I take with me all those encouraging words and of course financial help which is so needed to be able to keep doing what I do.

One day I should make a short movie which would include all your changing facial expressions while stopping or passing by my stand. They go from serious to smiley or even laughing out loud... How great it is to be able to touch your hearts!

"Biological" 105x105cm, acrylic on canvas.

Ones again I would like to say big thanks to all Art Source team for making publications in the Irish times, Irish Independent and Sunday business post. Thanks for all the videos and interviews during the exhibition. And I am sure this will be long lasting friendship with many interesting exchanges :))

All the articles I have shared on my Instagram page, so click HERE if you would like to read it or to join my Instagram account.

As the Art Source exhibition has already passed, there is something else lined up in Kuze's creative land. I am taking part in the Christmas group show which is happening in The Doorway gallery. The gallery is located in the middle of the Dublin's city center and you are very welcome to visit this very creative, cosy and affordable show. More info about the show you can find by clicking HERE

You can find more of my new small size paintings by clicking HERE.

Exhibition will be open from 7th of December till 24th. You are all very much invited for the opening.

Sending best wishes to everyone :))

Let's keep in touch.

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