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Art Source Exhibition 2019, stand J105

Hey to all of you beautiful people! If you are following my art for a while you most likely know that next month will be very special one. I was working on my new, colorboombasticfantastic collection and I am more then happy to invite you to my third Art Source exhibition which is happening 15-17th of November in the RDS venue.

Maybe in the near future I will be able to make bigger size paintings, so just to see if it works I used this mock-up and realized that it's absolutely exciting to see my art in such scale!

During the Art Source I will have three big paintings which size will be 1mx1m. And many more all sizes and prices for every wall and every corner in your house.

I will be posting free tickets to those of you who booked it earlier, if I have not contacted you yet and you wish to come to the event, please drop me a line as tickets are disappearing very fast and I hope all of you will manage to come to see this incredibly creative event.

If you wish to be first one to see full collection, there will be Special Preview Evening on 14th, at 5pm-9pm, live music and drinks will be provided. Please contact me if you wish to receive free tickets to this special evening and I will post them already next week.

Number of tickets are limited and I apologize in advance if it won't be enough for all.

Thank you to all Art Source team for ones again displaying my art on the tickets. Happy happy Kuze :) I promise to bring bright bunch of colors, hidden stories. Quirky beings will be crawling and dancing on my canvas. If you will look long enough you will see so many things. It is busy, rich, quirky, naughty and very playful Kuze's world. And all of it I will be sharing with you already next month.

Hope to see you all!

Sending loads of love and see you soon!

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