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House event. Art loft. May. RDS.

Attention attention!!!

Exciting Kuze's exhibition is coming to RDS, House event, Art loft, 24-26th of May. House event will showcase the very best of interior design, highlighting the hottest trends, most stylish products, and chicest designs for discerning Irish homes.

In between all house products there will be a great bunch of talented artist waving to you from the balcony. Don't forget to look up and say hi by popping in to have a look what is happening in creative minds.

You will find me with new and I must say very unusual collection of paintings. This time challenging but funny and happy, cheerful and maybe little bit crazy looking paintings will be facing all those who will be brave enough to come.

I am facing all what comes, even things I can hardly understand or things I am not aware off (also things I am aware off :)). But at the same time very exciting, loving and with good sense of humor, open heart and mind.

Life shapes us, shapes our artistic expression. It is a creative process. And I love it.

If you wish to see/purchase Kuze's art, you are welcome to drop me a line or visit The Doorway Gallery website or even pop in to their gallery which is located in 24 Frederick street South, Dublin.

Big warm hugs,

Kuze :)

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