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Peoples Art Exhibition

Art By Kuze will be exhibiting at the East wall ;)

Hi everyone!! Super excited to announce that this weekend 11th-13th of May I will be exhibiting at the Stephen's Green. There will be hundred artists exhibiting all around Stephen's Green park so you can not miss it. And if you by any chance miss me I will be on the East side of the park so please come over and say hi :)

These are few photos of the paintings I will have this weekend.

For those who are waiting for something super special and very new and maybe even more crazy, and of course full of colours, there will be opportunity to visit RDS Art Source in November, where I will be exhibiting in the same place as last year, but about this I will post little bit later....

There is also possibility to see few of my paintings at The Doorway Gallery which is located in 24 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2. Here you can see from very close my latest painting "Life on Wicklow Street".

90x90cm Acrylic on canvas, Framed.

For now have to say, See you all at The Stephens Green ;)

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