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Kuze says THANK YOU!

I am sending big Thank You to all my friends, colleagues, followers and customers from every part of the world. Whenever you are I wish you loads of happiness and very meaningful 2018 year. May you share all your love, success and wisdom with others.

It was such great year for me that I can just keep thanking everyone for it... You are the ones I create for, and it is such a pleasure to share my imagination and colours with all of you!!

May we inspire each other, learn from each other and with open mind grow together even stronger then before!

2017 was full of new achievements and very special moments in my life. The great rediscovery of nature which I am thankful to Giulia Canevari :)

One of the very joyful moments was getting into RHA 187th Annual Exhibition, it was my first time to apply for such high level gallery and I am so grateful I was selected among hundreds of others. I was entering with painting "Ushers Quay" which is for sale and it is 120x120cm size, acrylic on canvas.

After RHA exhibition followed very big event called Art Source in RDS, my art was featured on the Art source tickets and on the Art Source website which you can check here http://www.artsource.ie/ This event was total explosion of new connections, new customers, new experience and opportunities. I had to say goodbye to my most loved paintings :) I am happy they found cosy homes.

Overall I got very positive feedback . It was great when everyone were smiling and thanking for creating happy art :)

And the very latest news was like a cheery on top of the cake. While doing Christmas market at Studio 10 I got publicity in three newspapers!!! Can not ask for more! Thank you Studio 10 and Mark Stedman for making it happen :)

Some of my work you can find in The Doorway Gallery or in freshly opened Japanese restaurant Banyi in Abbey street.

Thats all for this year :) See you in 2018 :)

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