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RDS Art Source. Memories

Wow, this was truly amazing weekend exhibiting in RDS art fair called ART SOURCE. I was surrounded by many talented artist, it was huge success and pleasure to be there, to talk to each and one of you, to share experiences and unique stories from life. Thank you to all who follows and supports me! Couldn't even imagine how many of you are fans of my art! Thank you a lot!

I sold my first piece straight after RDS door was opened. That was great start of the day, after that followed hundreds of people who bought my prints and paintings.

And here I am sitting in front of my stand on the yellow mini chair which looks like my mini shoes :))

Picture taken by Art source media team

Thanks to all friends who helped me with preparations, also thanks for taking these pictures with few of my customers.

Sparkle and shine all day :)

Interview about me and my art :)

There were no one who wouldn't smile standing in front of my paintings, and this is great! I create for you all, I want you to be happy, and I truly hope that my colours will make your day brighter :)

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