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RDS Art source

Hi friends! Soooo, at the moment I am on this huge wave of drawing "greens" which will be seen in my future paintings.

Flowers. Nice no? :))

For the moment I am trying to get so much ideas as possible and then transform them into super colourful art with all strange, funny weirdos which are sitting in my mind.

It is really amazing how much nature gives to us, just by looking at it you can learn so much. Thanks to my good friend, professional botanical artist Giulia Canevari for being inspiration! It is so much easier to discover all wonder of nature surrounded by people who truly loves it.

And finally, all this project it is a part of preparation for my Art Source exhibition coming this November in Dublin RDS. There will be so much good quality art you can not miss it. Happy to hear that all bunch of my good friends will be exhibiting there too.

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