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Project "Ana's train"

The very special and very unique train was made for little cute girl Ana. It was very secret project which took good few moths to finish. Every little detail was carved from wood by Jozef Radacovsky, a man who has hundred other passions. Also if you are interested in cooking, fermenting, brewing visit his Facebook or Instagram page.

After everything was carved, I started with the painting process. Little houses became full of colours, flowers and other funny creatures. On each of the house I painted one of the family members - mom, dad and Ana. So they will always be together while travelling through life.

At the very end we attached few small decorations which made Ana's train look even more playful. Wheels of the train are buttons for clothes, some hearts and mini pencils looked like they just belong to this toy. On the other hand it is not just a toy! It is touch from our hearts to hearts of people we love - its memories, thankfulness and best wishes for happy life!

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