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Gifts for baby girl Ana and brave, loving parents :)

Beautiful miracle was born, her name is Ana. She is already making big changes in Nina's and Juanin's lifes. Since I wanted to contribute to their happiness I made a couple of art pieces. Some of them were presents for a baby shower, some were commissioned by Ana's parents.

The Moonfish is very happy to be in Ana's room. She brings beautiful dreams, she takes care of all the sleeping babies and caring for all mamas and papas :) By the way, during the day time she is also very friendly.

Also I had a chance to try and print this drawing on a hand made linen duvet cover. The end result impressed everyone, although it can be an expensive pleasure, it is still possible to make one. It was a present for the baby shower.

Later on I got commissioned to make a painting. But first I decided to create a drawing, I put into it a lot of love so it turned very vibrant, joyful, bright and full of action. Little Ana was still in mama's belly. But everyone could sense the action coming.

I named my painting N+J=A :) explosion of colours, happiness, love and friendship.

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