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Little dream of mine came true...

If someone told you that dreams never come true, they lied! Maybe not straight away but it does come true. So true that you even can touch it :)

I can't not to share it with you all! This year I got amazing present from our generous Santa, he brought full set of Faber-Castel polychromos pencils, which till now I could just dream about. Super happy and thankful for all other presents I got, but this one made me laugh and cry at the same time ;)))

Very soon I will be sharing with everyone my happy, quirky and colourful drawings.

Seems that Santa was in a hurry, he left a little reindeer behind, so we decided from now on he is our new family member. Welcome to our family dear Chumacik :D

I wish each of you happy New Year filled with love, happiness and great success in what you do!

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