We all experience a never-ending flow of thoughts and emotions. We surround our minds with all manner of possibilities, ideas, concepts, and scenarios. From this chaotic whirlwind of thought and feeling, I produce my work.

  I paint you, me, us, our memories, emotions, and the hidden playfulness surrounding us in our everyday lives.

 Ausrine Kuze is an artist originally from Lithuania. She has drawn ever since childhood and it has been a lifelong passion. At an early age, Kuze finished art school where she gained basic knowledge in various artistic fields such as composition, sculpture, drawing, painting and art history.  When eventually pursued studying art at the third level in 2010 she graduated from Art Academy with a Bachelor's degree in Glasswork studies and moved to Dublin where later she studied illustration at Ballyfermot College of Further Education for one year. After nine years of studies in various fields of arts, it was clear that the path Kuze had chosen was dedicated to painting. All previous experiences were a result of today’s Kuzes style which was strongly influenced by glass and illustration studies.


 Kuze is an international fine artist and illustrator working in traditional media. She has created work for exhibitions across Ireland, Lithuania and Germany, as well as for ongoing gallery work. 

Her work found a home in many private collections throughout Ireland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Australia.

  If you are interested in any of her work, please feel free to

contact her directly or through  The Doorway Gallery.


  • invited to represent her work in “The Doorway Gallery”, Ireland.

  • invited to represent her work in "Goldwerk Gallerie", Germany.

  • invited to represent her work in "AP Galerija", Lithuania.

  • Publications: Irish Times; Irish Independent; Irish UK times; Sunday business; The business post. 

  • selected for the 187th Annual RHA (Royal Hibernian Gallery) exhibition. Dublin.

  • accepted as a professional member of VAI (Visual Artist Ireland)


Happening now:     

2021                   Now open for the public till 5th of August. Group exhibition, "Was ihr wollt"  Goldwerk Galerie, Rostock, Germany.


2020-2021          Group exhibition, "Craving", Goldwerk Galerie,

                            Rostock, Germany.         

2020                    Group exhibition, Christmas Stocking Fillers, The                                  Doorway Gallery, Dublin.

2020                    Group exhibition, "As you like it", Goldwerk                                          Galerie, Rostock, Germany.  

2020                    AP Galerija, “Art degustations”, Vilnius, Lithuania. 

May 2020           Online exhibition “Not cancelled openings”,                                           Lithuanian project. 

Apr 2020             Jack and Jill foundation, “Incognito” Dublin.

Dec 2019            Group exhibition, The Doorway Gallery, Dublin.

Nov 2019            RDS, Art Source, Dublin.      

2019                   Group show, The Doorway Gallery, Dublin. 

May 2019           House event. Art Loft. RDS. Dublin 

2017 – 2020       Banyi Japanese restaurant, Dublin.

Apr 2019            Jack and Jill foundation, Solomon Gallery. Dublin.

May 2018           Peoples Art, Stephens Green. Dublin.

Nov 2018            RDS, Art Source, Dublin.

Apr 2018            Jack and Jill foundation, Solomon Gallery. Dublin.

2018                   Selected to be represented by The Doorway                                         Gallery. Dublin.

2018                   Became a professional member of VAI (Visual                                     Artist Ireland)

Jan 2018            Group exhibition, Christmas Stocking Fillers, The                                 Doorway Gallery, Dublin.

Nov 2017            RDS, Art Source, Dublin.

Jun 2017            K-fest art exhibition, Killorglin.

Aug 2017            RHA, 187th Annual Exhibition, Dublin.

Apr 2017            Jack and Jill foundation, Solomon Gallery.

Jun 2016            K-fest art exhibition, Killorglin.

Jun 2015            K-fest art exhibition, Killorglin.

May 2015           Group exhibition, Dublin.

Nov 2014            Exhibition "Me-Nina", Dublin.

Mar 2014            Group exhibition, Dublin.



2013 – 2014  Ballyfermot College of Further Education, Illustration course. Dublin.

2006 – 2010  Academy of Fine Arts - VDA, Glass studies. Kaunas, Lithuania.

2002 – 2006  Antano Martinaicio Art school. Kaunas.