We all of us experience a never ending flow of thoughts and emotions. We surround our minds with all manner of possibilities, ideas, concepts and scenarios. It is from this chaotic whirlwind of thought and feeling that I produce my work.

  I paint you, me, us, our memories, our emotions and the hidden playfulness that surround us in our everyday lives.

  My name is Ausrine Kuznecovaite, I am an artist originally from Lithuania. I have drawn ever since childhood and it has been a lifelong passion. I eventually pursued studying art at third level. I graduated from art College in with a Bachelor's degree in Glass work studies. I moved to Dublin a few years ago where I studied illustration in Ballyfermot College of Further Education. Participating in many art fairs where I am exhibiting my original paintings and illustrations.

  I am a fine artist and illustrator working in traditional media. I create work for exhibitions across Ireland, as well for on-going gallery work. I frequently create works for commissions for clients around the world.

My work found home in many private collections throughout Ireland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain, Germany, UK and Australia

  If you are interested in any of my work, please feel free to

drop me a line or contact  The Doorway Gallery.


I will be happy to hear from you!


happening now or coming soon:

Dec 2019                             Group exhibition, The Doorway Gallery,                                                 Dublin.

15th - 17th Nov 2019           RDS, Art Source, Dublin.

Jun, Jul, Aug 2019               Summer exhibition. The Doorway                                                           Gallery, Dublin.

24th - 26th May 2019           House event. Art Loft. RDS. Dublin

20th Dec 2017 – 2019          Banyi Japanese restaurant, Dublin.

5th Apr 2019                        Jack and Jill foundation, Solomon                                                         Gallery. Dublin.

11th May – 13th May 2018   Peoples Art, Stephens Green. Dublin.

9th Nov - 11th Nov 2018      RDS, Art Source, Dublin.

5th Apr 2018                        Jack and Jill foundation, Solomon                                                         Gallery. Dublin.

2018                                     Selected to be represented by The                                                       Doorway Gallery. Dublin.

2018                                     Became professional member of VAI                                                     (Visual Artist Ireland)

02th Dec - 15th Jan 2018     Group exhibition, Christmas Stocking                                                   Fillers,The Doorway Gallery, Dublin.

11th Nov - 13th Nov 2017    RDS, Art Source, Dublin.

02th Jun - 06th Jun 2017     K-fest art exhibition, Killorglin.

22th May - 22the Aug 2017  RHA, 187th Annual Exhibition, Dublin.

25th Apr 2017                       Jack and Jill foundation, Solomon                                                         Gallery.

03th Jun - 06th Jun 2016     K-fest art exhibition, Killorglin.

2015                                     Group show, Dublin.

29th May – 03th Jun 2015    K-fest art exhibition, Killorglin.

21th May 2015                     Group exhibition, Dublin.

20th Nov 2014                      Exhibition "Me-Nina", Dublin.

26th Mar 2014                      Group exhibition, Dublin.




2013 – 2014    Ballyfermot College of Further Education, Illustration                            course. Dublin.

2006 – 2010    Academy of Fine Arts - VDA, Glass studies. Kaunas,                            Lithuania.

2002 – 2006    Antano Martinaicio Art school. Kaunas.

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